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Two-week visit to the kids at the Baan Khong Poor Home

There is a desperate need to support children like this young boy, living in the slums of Pattaya without water or electricity. Many of these families go days without food or water if they are unable to work or are sick. For many recycling rubbish is their only means of earning money and without any government assistance they struggle to survive against the elements. The MERCY Project makes regular weekly visits to the slums taking food, water, clothing, baby milk powder, mosquito netting, towels, blankets and medicines to the families as well as helping them with  the day to day problems that they are faced with tackling. Because of the desperate situation many of these children find themselves in and because of the reputation of Pattaya as a city where there are hundreds of girl and boy bars many of these children find themselves lured into prostitution and drugs. Drugs that in many cases lead the child to an early death and prostitution that whilst enabling the child to support him or herself and often as not other members of the family also carries a  high risk of AIDS. It is easy to moralise about the rights and wrongs of what many of these children have to do to survive, but when faced with no other means of finding money for food in the child’s eyes there is often  no other option. Education plays a major part in helping the children to a better future and one of our aims is to help provide these kids with an education and a support service that they know will be there to help them in times of crisis. By clicking on the photo of this child you can find out how you can help this child and other children like him to a better future.

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